A gritty, hard-hitting punk metal unit from Baltimore, Maryland, Turnstile’s blend of vintage American hardcore and blistering, groove-laden metalcore invokes names like Agnostic Front, Dag Nasty, Warzone, Death Before Dishonor, and Cro-Mags. Formed in 2010 around the talents of vocalist Brendan Yates, bassist Franz Lyons, drummer Daniel Fang, and guitarists Brady Ebert and Sean Cullen, the band issued a pair of EPs — Pressure to Succeed (2011) and Step 2 Rhythm (2013) — before inking a deal with Reaper Records and releasing their debut full-length, Non Stop Feeling, in 2015. In 2016 the band issued the Move Thru Me EP, which included three new originals and a cover of “Fu#k Me Blind” by Washington, D.C.’s Give. The full-length Time & Space followed in 2018. ~ James Christopher Monger, Rovi

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